03 December 2006

that oceanic feeling

the oceanic feeling
i can tell you first that i have been watching too much oceanographic footage, obsessed by alla those underwater camera moves. my dreams are drifty, underwater blue, and full of tides, surfs, and moon cycles. I dreampt of a giant whale being pulled from the sea in a giant net. just the sight of it's white patchy under belly scared the shit out of me. barnacles. tiny men inside there. you might think the sea is a lovely dreamers dream, but last night it was the waves, the victorious horrible waves.
samuel used to tell me about a man that lectured all about our obsessions with the ocean, it's beacaue he said, we want to go back from where we are from, want to crawl back in the waves, curl up in the surf and stay there...tiny bubbles on the surface, a blanket in a school of fish, cold weeds on the ground, salt. not me, i'm never going back.
thanks god for jacques-yves.
the only man to realize it's sandy powers

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